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ThreeTwoNine is an agency specialising in digital transformation. With over 17 years experience in digital publishing, ThreeTwoNine can help your business reach the audience you really want.


ThreeTwoNine can help you grow an audience in the digital space and reach people who will use your services.

ThreeTwoNine will work with your current website or build you a new one, develop a strategy to increase your newsletter subscribers or start a new service from scratch, create and publish content tailored to the needs of your customers.

ThreeTwoNine has over 17 years experience in creating, writing and recording content, publishing it in appropriate ways to maximise reach.


ThreeTwoNine is Tom Canning. A digital professional with an expertise in maximising your digital content.

Tom spent 17 years with UK publisher Reach, working with newsrooms from The Mirror to the Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo to Bristol Live, helping to transform those newsrooms from traditional print publications to digital first publications fit for the 21st century.

Tom launched websites, built online communities, taught and presented to thousands of journalists around SEO, analytics and brand building and worked across almost every digital department in the business.

Now Tom is bringing that wealth of experience out on it’s own with ThreeTwoNine, a digital agency that can transform your business.


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